Downtown Holyoke Business Association
Mission Statement and Plan of Action

Our mission: To identify, organize, support, and promote the businesses 
located in Downtown Holyoke and support initiatives designed to help 
make Downtown Holyoke a thriving and prosperous place to live, work, 
shop, dine, and visit.

To support this mission we propose to undertake the following initiatives:

  • Identification of all business entities that are located in downtown Holyoke using city business registration records, state incorporation records, telephone directories and door to door canvassing.
  • The compilation of a database of these businesses containing all of their relevant information.
  • The publication of this database online at with business members featured in detailed mini sub-sites devoted to their business with member-editable menu and sale/specials pages.
  • The inclusion in this web site of a detailed online map of downtown Holyoke and its access roads.
  • The creation of an extensive online presentation of the history of downtown Holyoke and its impact on global trade and growth as a planned industrial city, particularly with regards to its water works and their implications in sustainable energy development today.
  • A collection on of all online resources useful for business owners, residents, and visitors to Downtown Holyoke. This includes city departments, HG&E, other local interest sites, etc.
  • The organization of group promotions coordinating events, sales, festivals, parades, etc. and the running of group advertising welcoming visitors to these events.
  • Working with the mayor and city council and other city officials to support and promote policies and programs designed to improve downtown Holyoke.

  • Working with Mass Tourism and the GSCVB, we will attempt to duplicate the success of the Hidden Hills map and solicit grant funding, to be matched by advertising revenue, to design and print a first class tourism map for downtown Holyoke, with the Mt. Tom state park on the reverse.

  • Work to actively promote Downtown Holyoke businesses doing business with each other, mostly through making sure that all downtown businesses know about the other businesses around them.

  • We plan to be members of both GSCVB and the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce, and actively work with these organizations on projects of mutual benefit.

  • We plan to solicit civic volunteers from within our membership to fill the many needed roles in our community and specifically work to help promote and staff events that feature downtown Holyoke, such as "Celebrate Holyoke" and the St. Pats Parade.
  • We plan to educate our membership and the public at large on topics of local importance through online publication and distribution of a monthly newsletter. This newsletter will also announce the new arrival or formation of businesses in Downtown Holyoke, and promote special events.
  • We plan on launching a new anti-littering campaign "Don't Trash Holyoke," to be represented by our new mascot, "Spike." Spike says, "Don't Trash Holyoke!"
  • The solicitation of co-sponsors to print up t-shirts that say, "I'm with Spike" in both English and Spanish and feature Spike's caricature.
  • Lobbying state and federal officials to make sure Holyoke gets its fair share of economic development and historic preservation funding, including support for such projects as the Canal Walk.
  • Support enhancement of community watch programs and work with the police department on initiatives to reduce crime and improve public safety in Downtown Holyoke.
  • Work with area realtors to provide extremely low cost supplemental online advertising for properties for sale in Downtown Holyoke.
  •  Work with landlords to provide extremely low cost residential rental advertising.

  • Work to promote Holyoke as an excellent place to start or relocate a business. Provide free business rental and employment advertising online to member businesses (available or wanted). Promote local businesses with unique angles or markets to newspaper writers to encourage positive stories about Downtown Holyoke businesses. Provide local business reporters with a steady stream of good news about developments in Downtown Holyoke, as they occur.
  • Work with city officials to identify, photograph, describe and ultimately get sold and rehabbed the extensive inventory of abandoned and distressed property in Downtown Holyoke.
  • Work with the historical commission to promote initiatives to restore the gorgeous historical architecture of Downtown Holyoke.
  • Promote and encourage the development of free and/or subscription high-speed wireless internet service throughout Downtown Holyoke.

Individual and business basic memberships are $25 for the first year 
(through 12/31/06), with membership upgrades for enhanced advertising 
exposure and web site functionality available for a modest additional 
cost. We will seek grant funding to help fund this project and plan on 
undertaking several benefit events to publicize and fund the project in 
its initial stages. will be developed by Positronic Design. We 
invite local business owners and others with an interest in Downtown 
Holyoke to join the Association and help us make Downtown Holyoke 
lively and vibrant once again.

Public officials and industry leaders are invited to publicly endorse 
the goals of the Association, if they agree with them. Suggestions and 
comments from everyone are sought and greatly appreciated.
Target date to launch the initial web site is May 1st. Organizational 
meetings and inital canvassing will begin by Feb 1st.

For more information call David Caputo at Positronic Design - 532.6440

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